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CSEM plus wireless seismic

Exploration geophysics for unconventional plays

FxMines delivers cost-effective seismic data acquisition in environmentally-sensitive areas and in areas requiring low-profile surveys, with the use of Wireless Seismic RT-1000 seismic recorders.

FxMines provides survey design, CSEM data collection for hydrocarbon exploration and experienced, integrated interpretation of anomaly extents and their contribution to the larger picture. Clean, high-quality data can be integrated with your geochemistry and shallow borehole results to produce a high-resolution base model for reservoir characterization.

Industry Processes


Electrical methods provide valuable refinement of hydro-carbon reservoir models.

CSEM /CSAMT data augments and adds controls to seismic interpretation, is a primary tool in complex thrust environments, and makes an excellent reconnaissance tool for determining seismic coverage to avoid “no-record” zones.


Adding IP data to your reservoir model is the underused secret to minimizing dry holes
in certain geologic environments. In areas conducive to microseepage, IP data reveals sediment alteration outlines to more clearly determine production limits

Processing and refining operatons turn crude oil and gas into marktable products. In the case of crude oil, these products include heating oil, gasoline for use in vehicles, jet fuel, and diesel oil. Oil refining processes include distillation, vacuum distillation, catalytic reforming, catalytic cracking, alkylation, isomerization and hydrotreating.

Electrical and EM methods are relatively inexpensive surveys, even when the data must be ground acquired, and are adaptable to both near-surface and deep investigations.

Water quantity, quality and disposal are major factors in the financial viability of a fracking operation. High-resolution seismic data are required to define geologic structural controls of the shale gas system and microseismic monitoring indicates where fractured rock has failed. But neither of these is a direct indicator
of fluid flow.