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Richards Bay Minerals

Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) is one of the world’s leading producers of titanium minerals, high purity pig iron, rutile and zircon. RBM’s core business is sand mining and mineral processing, which involves the extraction of heavy minerals from dune sands.

The ongoing dredge mining operations at RBM consists of a dredger that floats on the surface of an artificial freshwater pond and a floating concentrator where the minerals are separated. A pipeline, which continuously expands in length as the dredger burrows through the face of the dune, allows the slurry (made up of water, unmined sand and heavy mineral concentrate) to be sucked up and pumped between the dredger and the concentrator.

As the preferred supplier of pipe material for these continued operations, Marley Pipe Systems is responsible for the consistent manufacture and delivery of pipes according to RBM’s exact specifications. The material chosen for all pipework was Class 16 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) PE100 stubbed and flanged pipe for its high quality and abrasion resistant properties when pumping sand. Other reasons why this pipe material was chosen is because of its ease of installation in long lengths (24m pipe lengths), as well as the availability of project specific fittings (diffuser tees, special stubs, reducers, etc.) and it’s corrosion resistant properties, enabling for long-lasting performance and low maintenance during service life.

In addition, RBM receives constant service and technical back up from Marley’s representatives, who reactively respond to all queries and challenges encountered in a timeous and efficient manner. This valuable support from the Marley team ensures minimal downtime in RBM’s mining operations.

Marley’s willingness to assist and the consistent supply of quality products which are SAPPMA-endorsed and carry the SABS mark for SANS ISO 4427 are what make this partnership a valuable one, and one which is foreseen to continue for years to come.

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Richards Bay Minerals

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April 21, 2017

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