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Peter Louis

Geologist/Chief Procurement Specialist

Peter Louis has 40 years’ experience in the construction industry, the last 10 years in his current role as a director for Fxmines Supply. Prior to his involvement with Fxmines Supply. Peter held senior positions with two international construction companies. He has worked extensively offshore on large construction projects and managed a national contracting business.

chris alex

Chris Alexander

Senior Sub-contractor interior design

Chris Alexander has dedicated his career to construction, Interior Design and to Fx Mines Supply and is the longest serving member of our team, recently celebrating 8 years with Fx Mines Supply. He is a licenced Interior Designer and his focus is on our service and maintenance department which carries out smaller works and maintenance contracts. Chris Alexander is a practical solution provider and understands what is needed to get a job done properly and efficiently.


Jacob Serina

Chief Engineering Consultant

Jacob Serina Gus has almost three decades of experience in the building and construction industry. He held senior roles with many reputable construction companies prior to joining Construction Profile. His previous positions include General Manager (Construction) for the Toga Group, Project Director for John Holland Group, Operations Manager for Hansen Yuncken and a construction management role for Infinity Constructions.


Richard Anto


Richard Anto was appointed company secretary for the Fx Mines Supply in 2005 and was instrumental in restructuring the Groups Engineering Sector. Richard Anto has involvement in a number of construction and timber manufacturing companies and has a detailed understanding of what it take for a construction company to operate in a competitive market, whilst remaining strong and sustainable long term.